5 Swedish Watch Brands

Swedish watch brands may not be as popular as Swiss and Danish watch companies but are known for excellence in craftsmanship and astonishing products. They are less in number and humble as compared to competitive watch brands known globally for their distinction in watchmaking.  Even though Swedish timepieces are yet to receive global acclaim, they are known for simplistic yet stylish watches. The popularity of Swedish brands is slowly raking up in global markets like other popular watch manufacturers. These watches combine Scandinavian handcraft and styling in their timepieces, known for minimalistic designs and elements. Before we learn more about the craft and brands from Sweden, let us touch base with some of the interesting trivia about Swedish timepieces.

-Built on “Not too much, not too little” base philosophy

-Balanced and fuss-free approach

-Swedish watch brands are humble in both numbers and nature

-Feature minimalist design and fresh styling

-An offshoot of the classic Scandinavian style

The Swedish watch brands are capturing customers’ attention and Sweden is predicted to become a hot-spot for elegant timepieces in future. While there are several manufacturers in Sweden crafting promising products, in this article, we will touch base with only 5 Swedish watch brands which we feel are conspicuous in their approach. These selected brands stand out and have the potential to be recognized globally. We will learn more about these Swedish brands, their history, the specificity of their brand, what makes them unique and product lines that they offer.

1. Larsson & Jennings

Larsson & Jennings was established in 2012 by a 31-year-old Andrew Jennings. In 2014, Jaokim Larsson bought his share and became a business partner in the exponentially growing watch brand. A photo of a vintage Rolex Daytona 6239 piqued Jennings’ interest in watches when he was just 17 years old. The timepieces made by Larsson & Jennings take inspiration from Swedish and British watches featuring minimalist designs and cutting-edge Swiss movement. These watches are sleek, slim in design and feature a Roman numeral at 12.0’clock, indices for rest of the hour markers and two stick hands.


  • Founded by Andrew Jennings
  • Established in 2012
  • Minimalist Designs
  • Sophisticated Looks
  • Sleek and Slim
  • Scandinavian-Inspired Dials

2. Triwa

The watch brand was founded in 2007 by a group of friends, Ludvig Scheja (creative director), Didrik Watchmeister, Tobias Ericsson and Harald Watchmeister (CEO).  TRIWA is an acronym for Transforming the industry of watches is an independent Stockholm-based watch brand. The idea was to build watches that fuse classic craftsmanship with modern designs and distributing them in the fashion and lifestyle stores, instead of retail. These watches marketed as timepieces to complement outfits combine Scandinavian simplicity with creativity and quality.


  • Contemporary Design
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
  • Started in 2007
  • Premium Timepieces
  • Modern Style Symbol
  • Classic Silhouette

3. Knut Gadd

Knut Gadd is among the newly found Swedish watch brands with its roots deep in the heritage and history. In 2014, Therese and Carl Johan Gadd founded it, and in 2014 it was launched officially in the watch industry. These vintage-inspired watches are classically stylish and combined sophistication to the minimalist Scandinavian designs. The quintessential cushion-shape case stands out. The timepieces stressing retro-look are relatively slim and feature small details such as embossed dials, facet-cut indexes, etc. The most impressive element on these watches is the V-shaped hands. A mineral crystal covers the dial for protection. Designed in Stockholm, these watches crafted with precision come at an affordable price.


  • Established in 2014
  • Founded by Therese and Carl-Johan Gadd
  • Vintage and Sophisticated Designs
  • Priced Over 200 Euro Range
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Based in Stockholm Sweden

4. Sjöö Sandström

Sjöö Sandström was conceived by Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandstörm, watch enthusiasts and engineers by profession. Picking Sjöö from Christer Sjöö and Sandstörm from Mikael Sandstörm, the brand’s journey began in 1986. The Stockholm based watch company makes timepieces combining traditional craftsmanship and high-tech innovation. These watches have passed the most stringent quality control and earn the right to reach your wrist.  Like other Swedish brands, it also takes inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics. Every timepiece is hand-assembled at the Stockholm workshop; at present, it offers a wide variety of watches including stainless steel watches, chronograph watches and pilot watches among others. 


  • Founded by Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandstrom
  • Established in 1986
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
  • High-tech Innovation
  • Scandinavian Aesthetics
  • Luxury Appeal

5. Tuseno

The brand forayed into the watchmaking industry in 2014, helmed by Alexander Bendz and Johan Holsner. It pays special tribute to its origin and all its watches come with the “born on the Swedish west coast’ inscription at the back.  This brand focuses on creating the best quality watch possible at an affordable price. These timepieces are for everyday use and the first model, christened “First 42′ was launched as the Kickstart project in 2015.  The brand name, ‘Tusena’ is a derivative of Swedish phrase “Kusten med de tusen oarna”, which translates to “the coast with the thousand islands”.


  • Started in 2014
  • Established by Alexander Bendz and Johan Holsner
  • Everyday Wear Timepieces
  • Automatic and Quartz Watches
  • Minimalist Approach
  • Classic Design

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