Skagen Watch Review

Skagen was started in 1989 by Danish couple Henrik and Charlot Jorst. They moved to the United States in the late ‘80s and represented Jacob Jensen and other highly esteemed Danish watch brands there. They always wanted to start their own business and were highly motivated workers.

Henrik and Charlot got to achieve that dream after a few years when they came into contact with a watch manufacturer from Denmark.  They got into business with the manufacturer and produced sleek watches of their original Danish designs.

The watches they made were well-received. Many retailers saw their product and liked it so much that they offered to sell them at their stores. Inspired by this, the Jorst couple started their own company. This was the beginning of Skagen Denmark’s journey.

Within a few years, the companymanaged to sell thousands of watches, which made it a handsome profit of $800,000! Over the next decade, Skagen managed to expand to other countries, such as the U.K., Germany, and the Netherlands. These days, Skagen Denmark Ltd. also sells designer handbags, leather purses, jewelry, etc.

Danish Design

Over the years, Skagen Denmark has earned the reputation of being the pioneers in sleek and minimalist designer watches with the traditional Denmark look. Thewatches are famous for being simplistic in look and functionality, as a small and simple Danish village inspired the name “Skagen” itself. This story perfectly explains the sleek and minimalist look all theirwatches have.

Base Of Operations Of Skagen Denmark

Contrary to popular belief, Skagen watches have never been manufactured in Denmark. All Skagen watches used to be produced in Hong Kong before a company called Fossil bought Skagen. All watches made post-purchase are made in China.

However, buyers can be assured that Skagen watches are designed with the Danish and Scandinavian style in mind. Skagen has never strayed from its true goal, which was to sell finely crafted Danish wristwatches to the world.

Materials Used In Their Watches

Skagen watches are made from materials such as titanium and stainless steel. The hour marks are engraved in Arabic numerals with flashy colored dials. The comfortable and fashionable straps used in these watches are made from premium leather, which is produced in Italy. For those who don’t prefer to wear leather products, Skagen also has some watches that have either titanium or stainless-steel mesh straps.

Watches manufactured by Skagen are also said to be highly durable. Some Skagen watches can survive up to 165 feet underwater! Skagen also uses sapphire in its wristwatches to add that extra layer of protectiveness and quality.

Skagen And Their Reputation

Skagen has humble beginnings. Throughout its operation, the companyhas made sure to leave an everlasting impact on the watch industry. The modern, yet minimalist Scandinavian design, that the Jorstsintroduced decades ago, still serves as a benchmark. All of theirwristwatches have unique, eye-catching designs, with a minimalist Danish influence.

After being acquired by Fossil, Skagen has managed to stay true to its Danish origins. It continues to satisfy the decades-old customers with its long-range of good quality and affordable designer watches.

Are Skagen Watches Good?

Watches made by Skagen have a very professional look. They are not just luxury watches; they are pieces of jewelry that help you make a good impression. Thewatches are suitable for casual wear as well as professional wear.

The No. 1 thing about Skagen that helps it keep its customers come back for more is their reliability and functionality. The combination of titanium, stainless steel, and rich Italian leather gives their watches a luxurious look.

People who buy Skagen Denmark watches appreciate the look and feel it gives them. The stainless steel, titanium, and leather straps cling perfectly onto the wrist. The company’s watches are often described as having a clean and streamlined design that is very pleasing to look at and easy to understand.

Popular Skagen Products

Skagen has managed to build a variety of watches for their consumers. Some of them include:

The Melbye—This is a gray Titanium mesh watch with Japanese quartz movement. In addition to Arabic numeral markings on the grey background, Melbye has a handy day/date dial. The titanium casing of the watch is just 10 mm thick 37 mm in diameter. The watch is very lightweight at weighs only 2.72 ounces. It’s made with sapphire crystals to grant it protection from scratches and is water-resistant up to 165 feet.

Ancher—The Ancher is an all-black classic Scandinavian watch with a sleek look and design. The markings on this watch are white, which gives it a pleasant look. The Ancher is a sturdy watch with water-resistance of up to 99 feet. In addition to that, it has a Japanese quartz movement and a stainless steel casing.

Grenen—Perhaps the cutest watch Skanen Denmark has ever produced, Grenen is a classic Danish watch, complete with an attractive blue dial and stainless steel casing. This watch, like all other Skagen products, has a Japanese quartz movement. Additionally, it has a good water-resistance of 99 feet.

BalderThe Balder is one of Skagen Denmark’s best-selling, 100% titanium wristwatches. With a classic Danish minimalist design with three additional dials inside, the Balder is a sleek, professional-looking wristwatch perfect for all men.

SKW6086—This watch might have an unappealing title, but don’t be fooled by it! The SKW6086 is an elegant stainless steel and leather strap combo timepiece. Instead of sapphire, this watch has hardened mineral crystals to provide scratch resistance. Prolonged exposure to water can damage the leather strap, though. As a result, be careful wearing it around pools.


The companyoffers its customers the chance to have good-quality Danish watches without the burden of high prices. Watches like Balder and Melbye cost a few hundred dollars on their online stores. These watches can also be bought for lower prices during sales or using promo codes or coupon codes.


Skagen Denmark makes good-quality luxury watches at affordable prices. It has a good track record of satisfying its customers no matter what era. Rest assured, Skagen will continue to serve the people with timeless timepieces in the future.