10 Scandinavian & Nordic Watch Brands

A sub-region in North Europe, Scandinavia primarily covers three kingdoms of Sweden, Demark and Norway. In definition, it is similar to the Nordic countries, which comprises remote Norwegian islands of Jan Mayen, Svalbard and Greenland. The Nordic countries, which include the geographical region in Northern Europe and North Atlantic, commonly called Norden include Finland, Iceland, Demark, Norway, Greenland and Sweden along with Faroe Island. Watch brands from these countries are rapidly gaining traction in the market. Characterized by minimalist design and functionality, the Scandinavian design is revered worldwide be it furniture, architecture and now watches. It emerged in the mid-20th century and expanded in the five Nordic countries including Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.  Before we learn more about these brands, let us touch base with the characteristics of the Scandinavian design.




-Classic design

-Fashionable styling

-Contemporary looks

These timepieces are slowly gaining popularity among watch purists with a fetish for minimalist design. The fineness and excellence of the Scandinavian craftsmanship set these apart from other brands. These timepieces strike an apt balance between aesthetics, mechanism and functionality, which is rare to find. Created on the ‘less is more’ notion the watches from the Nordic countries are gaining traction for their classically stylish looks and contemporary design. Most of these watch brands are new in the world of watchmaking, though, given the eye-catching designs, these are set to make a mark globally. In this article, let us take you through 10 Scandinavian & Nordic watch brands that you could consider buying next.


Nordgreen, a minimalist watch brand with its roots steeped in Copenhagen, was founded by two friends, Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam. These watches, recognized for their modern styling and contemporary looks are created by globally acclaimed designer, Jakob Wagner, who is one of the Chief Designers on the watch brand. The Danish watch brand with an envious collection of classically stylish timepieces mostly uses the durable quartz movement in its watches, stainless steel case and minimal dials. The watches are powered by quartz movements and are made in the Far East and heavily marketed material. These watches have a focus on sustainability, with recyclable packaging and partnerships with manufacturers who focus on green production.


  • Modern Design
  • Affordable Collection
  • Functional Timepieces
  • Quartz Movement
  • Sustainable Watches
  • Minimal Dial
Philosopher - Brown Leather
Philosopher - Brown Leather


The Stockholm-based watch brand was established during the beginning of the 21st century in 2007. These watches exhibit Scandinavian simplicity and modern Swedish designs. Keeping quality at fore, the TRIWA timepieces equip the durable Miyota movement function and come in varied dial colors, textures, band options and indices on the face. Triwa is distributed to over two thousand five hundred retailers in twenty-five markets with keeping prime focus on the developing the product better by paying a lot of attention to details. It offers a whole gamut of watches from affordable to high-end timepieces, priced from $100 to $600. The metal used in these watches is the same as in firearms, sourced from El Salbvador.


  • Founded in 2007
  • $100 to $600 Price Range
  • Scandinavian Simplicity
  • Miyota Movements
  • Varied Dial Colours
  • Firearm Sourced Metal

Valhalla of Norway

The Norwegian company is one of the watch brands established during the beginning of the decade. It was founded in 2013 by Roy Klokk, the brand recognized for products such as accessories, sunglasses, etc. started manufacturing timepieces inspired by the Norse mythology, sporting a rugged and casual look. The watches have the hammer logo that you see on the crown and each watch is equipped with a Japanese-made automatic mechanical movement from renowned movement maker, Miyota.  These durable timepieces promise top-notch quality and feature stainless steel cases and leather or stainless steel band. The watches run on either Japanese quartz or Citizen automatic movements.


  • Established in 2013
  • Founded by Roy Klokk
  • Norse Mythology Inspired Watches
  • Premium Quality
  • Stainless Steel Cases
  • Japanese Quartz or Citizen Automatic Movement
Hugin & Munin
Hugin & Munin

Aarni Watches

The Finnish watch company recognized for manufacturing environment friendly, wooden watches was founded by three friends, Pyry, Samuli and Niklas from Klaukkala, a small Finnish village. The name, which derives from a Finnish word, means ‘wild, untamed forest untouched by the hands of man’ defines the brand’s philosophy. Most of the Aarni watches made from wood are durable, and keep improving with time. Aarni watches are the finest craftsmanship and quality components found on the market, combined with outstanding comfort and elegant design made out of wood.   Aarni mostly uses unprocessed wood in its timepieces, treated with specialized oil before it is handcrafted.


  • Finnish Watch Brand
  • Wooden Watches
  • Durable Timepieces
  • Founded by Pyry, Samuli and Niklas
  • Environment Friendly Watches
  • Natural Design
XO – Oak
XO – Oak

Larsson & Jennings

The Swedish brand was established in 2012 by Andrew Jennings. In 2014, Jakim Larsson bought his shares in the company and became a business partner. Jennings penchant for watchmaking started during his teens after seeing a vintage Rolex Daytona 6239 in a magazine. The timepieces from Larsson & Jennings take cues from British and Swedish designs, featuring minimal styling, and coupled by the highly reliable Swiss movement. They use only hand-finished materials to ensure quality is at the heart of every product and to deliver premium detailing and durability. Aesthetically, these timepieces stand apart from others with sleek, slim dials that lend a classic look.


  • Swedish Brand
  • Founded in 2012
  • Established by Andrew Jennings
  • Minimalist Designs
  • Classic Looks
  • Sleek & Sophisticated


Also known as Suunto Oy, the history of the brand traces back to the 20th century. The brand, founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, is recognised for its high-quality sports watches. Besides, it also manufactures outdoor, diving and other adventure timepieces. Vohlonen patented the revolutionary method, Suunto M-311, used for filling the lightweight compass housing, which was later incorporated in the Finnish Army. The brand credited to the invention of several other revolutionary technologies continues to expand its product range.


  • High-Quality Sports Watch
  • Founded in 1936
  • Established by Tuomas Vohlonen
  • Outdoor Watches
  • Dive Watches
  • Sporty Designs
SUUNTO 3 Moss Grey
SUUNTO 3 Moss Grey


The brand, which means “mountains”, takes inspiration from the nature of Norway. Founded by Paal Friele Grung, Berg recognized for minimalist fashion watches, are created using high-quality materials and reliable movements. As of now, Berg watches come equipped with the Swiss-made Ronda movement, a highly scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass window. These timepieces feature strong, and durable salmon leather straps only, made from Icelandic tannery. Also, the BERG Watches feature engraved artwork on the back paying homage to the mountain.


  • Norway Brand
  • Founded by Paal Friele Gung
  • Minimalist Fashion Watches
  • Swiss-Made Ronda Movement
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Leather Straps

Von Doren

Established in 2016, the Norwegian brand, founded by Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen had a profound interest watches from the age of 12, when his grandfather gifted him a Swiss watch. It piqued his passion was classic timepieces, and he started studying watchmaking. The watches are designed in Norway, and produced and assembled in Switzerland, designed for those who admire Scandinavian and Nordic design and appreciate unique limited-edition timepieces. These timepieces feature a unique vintage look and minimalist design. Also, the sophisticated dials complement the formal look well.


  • Norwegian Brand
  • Established in 2016
  • Started by Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen
  • Vintage Look
  • Premium Quality
  • Sophisticated Dial
Von Doren Aksla Mark II Frost White
Von Doren Aksla Mark II Frost White

JS Watch Co.

The JS Watch Co. was started in 2005 by a bunch watch aficionados who like to being identified as “probably the world’s smallest watch manufacturers”. The brand manufactures timepieces in Reykjavik, Iceland from the beginning. JS Watch Co is the official watch is favorite among A-list celebrities like Tom Cruise, Katie Couric, and many more. These timepieces come equipped with highly reliable Swiss movements, adjusted individually by expert watchmakers. Also, the imported ébauches are decorated in-house with rhodium polish finish and blue screws.


  • Iceland Watch Brand
  • Founded in 2005
  • Swiss Movement
  • Classic Designs
  • Black or White Dials
  • Scandinavian Minimalism
101 38mm Roman White Brilliant dial Brown Ostrich strap
101 38mm Roman White Brilliant dial

Obaku Denmark

The slogan of the Danish brand, “Where Nordic Meets Zen” gives a peek into its philosophy. This brand offers a large choice of designer watches which is Inspired by the classic Danish design traditions. In line with Scandinavian design, these timepieces exhibit the minimalist aesthetics, Danish watches are known for. The designs on the Obaku watch reflect the Asian philosophy, which sets them apart. It has a global approach with stores in over 67 countries. The   Obaku timepieces are affordable, with prices ranging from $100 to $200.


  • Danish Brand
  • Minimalist Aesthetic
  • Affordable Timepieces
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Priced from $100
  • Fashionable Watches

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