Hamilton Watch Review

The Hamilton Co. is well known for producing superior quality watches since 1892. The company rekindles the past and incorporates the latest styles to their timepieces to create remarkable products. Because of their accuracy, their watches play a critical role in the aviation industry. Hamilton timepieces have also been the perfect companion for both servicemen at war and railroad workers throughout history.

The company’s reputation has grown over the years because of its innovative capability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Below is a review of the Hamilton brand.

Hamilton Watch Company History and Achievements

The Hamilton Watch Company is a top manufacturer of wristwatches located in Bienne, Switzerland. Its origin dates back to 1892 when it began as an American watch design and manufacturing company. After incorporation, the company went on with the production and marketing of wristwatches and pocket watches until 1969, when it ended its manufacturing works in America.

The Hamilton watch company underwent a series of mergers and acquisitions and grew to a diversified conglomerate. The company later became part of the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of watches, the Swatch Group, which has more than 20 brands.

Some of the brand’s notable achievements have based on the application of its watches in different fields. The pocket watch, which was Hamilton’s first product, caught the attention of railroad constructors and was widely adopted in the industry.

In 1914, the company shifted to producing high-quality wristwatches, which were ideal for usage in the war. As a testimony to the quality of their watches, the U.S. Army contracted Hamilton to supply its soldiers during World War 1.

From 1918 to 1930s, most pilots and companies such as American Commercial Airlines adopted Hamilton’s aeronautical watch for its precision in locating islands in the sea. Additionally, Hamilton became the official timekeeper for the coast-to-coast service between New York and San Francisco in 1930.

Appearance in Movies

Hamilton company watches have also appeared in blockbuster movies. The earliest appearance was in 1932’s “Shanghai Express,” where the Boulton and the Flintridge watches featured.  In 1951, “The Frogmen” portrayed the Hamilton watches as reliable military watches.

In 2015, the Hamilton watch the Khaki BelowZero appeared in the movie “The Martian,” where the timepiece could depict the determination and strength of the character. Recent films featuring the Hamilton watches include “Men in Black,” “Independence Day,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Lethal Weapon 4,”  and “Die Hard.”

How Reputable Are Hamilton Watches?

Since its establishment, the Hamilton watch company has been serving big corporations such as American Airlines. It has been the official timekeeper of events such as the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. 

The company’s reputation gains further strengthen by the production of high-end watches, which are created based on a mix of experience and attention to detail.

As a result, Hamilton’s brand continues to receive worldwide acclaim from watch die-hards. But that is not all; the brand is quite affordable compared to other Swiss-made brands, with the majority of the watches having a price less than $500.  

Enthusiasts consider it underrated, given the high quality of Hamilton watches. The truth remains that the Hamilton brand has no match among products within the same price range.

The ranking of Hamilton Co. among the top ten Swiss companies dominating the watch industry backs up its reputation. However, unlike the other luxury brands such as Omega and Rolex, Hamilton watches do not cost an arm and a leg and are just as prestigious.

The company retains its share in the market by producing great watches and selling at reasonable prices.

Best Features in Hamilton Watches

Most of the Hamilton watches are made of stainless steel and titanium, making them very durable. Such materials resist corrosion and scratches. The sapphire crystal present in most collections further prevents corrosion and scratches.

The brand also gives you the option of choosing either automatic watches if you are stylish or quartz watches if you need precision.

The water resistance feature in most watches makes them ideal for usage underwater up to a depth of 100 meters.

Where to Find Hamilton Watches and the Value for Money

Hamilton watches are available online. You can, therefore, purchase them directly from Hamilton’s website or select from various Hamilton watches on Amazon.

You can also use the Hamilton store locator to find the nearest service center or physical store. Hamilton watches are mid-priced, ranging between $250 to $500. The watches come with a two-year limited warranty, which covers dissatisfaction and damages.

Hamilton International Ltd. guarantees you a two-year warranty, which becomes effective upon purchase. The warranty covers any defect from manufacturing or on the material that can be seen or detected on delivery of the purchase. 

The company will repair the watch for free or replace it with another watch identical to the original purchase. However, the warranty certificate is void unless it has the correct date and full purchase information. It must also bear an official Hamilton stamp done by an official dealer of the company.

Does the warranty cover everything? No. The Hamilton watch company’s warranty only applies to watches that meet the set conditions. The user manual has well-detailed information on what the warranty covers and the exceptions, and where you cannot use it.

For instance, if your watch battery has deteriorated because of normal wear and tear or aging, the warranty cover won’t apply. Also, the warranty will not cover damage to any part of the watch resulting from careless use or negligence.

Additionally, the warranty will cease to exist if you take a Hamilton watch for repair to a non-authorized dealer. The same applies to watches whose original condition has altered beyond the control of the company.


Hamilton International Ltd. offers a range of high-quality watches at affordable prices. With prices as low as $250 and as high as $6,000, you have the guarantee of getting a Hamilton watch at a price that matches your pocket size. For those who see gold in old gadgets, vintage Hamilton watches are also available.