Citizen Watches Review

Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. ranks as the second-largest watchmaker in the world, accounting for about 22% of the total number of watches manufactured in the world.

This brand has been in the market for slightly more than a century. It remains a leader in the manufacture of affordable timepieces and a force to reckon with in innovative watch technology.

At present, this watch giant has diversified to manufacturing jewelry, computer peripherals, eyewear, precision instruments, and industrial machines. To date, the company owns several outstanding watch brands such as La Joux-Perret, Frédérique Constant, Bulova, and Alpina.

Citizen manufactures various types of watches to appeal to its unique clientele. In the last century, the company has grown to reach new markets and customers.

 For example, its manufacturing plant in the United States is renowned for the tuning-fork watches; in Switzerland, the company manufactures watch jewels, while its plant in France specializes in electrical watches.

The company also has manufacturing plants in Germany, India, South Korea, Mexico, and Hong Kong. Of the company’s many innovations through the years, the Eco-Drive lineup features as the latest and one of Citizen’s best products. These watches don’t require a battery to function.

Creativity and excellence are two words that define the Citizen brand. For years, this brand has had a reputation for producing exceptional quality watches that are technological masterpieces and aesthetically appealing.

The company has won many accolades for producing the best watches for all genders. If you Google “the best watches for men,” you’ll hardly miss a Citizen brand among the list.

The company has many models in the market, and it is difficult to pick the most ideal because their different models have different features.

The Citizen brand enjoys an overwhelmingly positive reputation. Their watches feature mechanical movements, quarts, and Eco-Drive.

The company has invested in a superior quality assurance protocol to guarantee each watch coming from its production line meets the company’s fundamental standards.


Citizen Watch Co. Ltd started in Tokyo, Japan, in 1918 as Shokosha Watch Institute. A Tokyo-based jeweler, Kamekichi Yakamazi, founded the company.

The brand adopted its current name in 1930 to appeal to the international market and also in response to a pocket watch bearing the name Citizen that Japanese Corp. produced in 1924. 

The company has enjoyed a fascinating history, and its first 25 years were its most phenomenal period. During this time, Citizen grew to be the largest watch manufacturer in the world.

The company is not only among the largest watch manufacturers but also a leader in advanced technology. For example, Citizen gets credit for producing the slimmest LCD watch, the first watch featuring voice recognition, and the first diving timepiece featuring an electronic depth sensor.

World War II presented a tough time for the watch industry in Japan, but many companies such as Citizen saw an opportunity. After the war, the company entered a new era under the leadership of the new company president, Eiichi Yamada.

This era led to the expansion of the brand to overseas markets. Citizen focused on the technological advancement of its products, leading to the production of a series of mechanical watches that took the market by storm.

The 1970s were significant in the company’s history following the quartz revolution; Citizen became one of the leading manufacturers of quartz watches.

Toward the end of the 1970s, thin watches became more common. Citizen picked up this new development; they competed with Seiko and ETA for this new market.

A significant breakthrough for Citizen was the solar-powered watches that preceded the Eco-Drive technology.

 In 1995, Citizen took the quartz technology to a higher level by introducing the Eco-Drive lineup. Natural and artificial light powered these new watches.

 In recent years, Citizen has focused on its multi-brand strategy by merging with Citizen Shoji, acquiring Miyota Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

 In 2008, Citizen bought Bulova, an American watch brand alongside its subsidiaries. Again in May 2016, Citizen acquired Switzerland’s Frédérique Constant Holding S.A. and its subsidiaries. 

Today the Citizen group comprises the following brands: Citizen, Bulova Accutron II, Harley-Davidson*, Campanola, Arnold & Son, Arnold & Son, Ateliers de Monaco, Q&Q, Bulova, Caravelle New York, Alpina, Bulova Clocks, Wittnauer, Frank Lloyd Wright*, Bulova AccuSwiss, and Frédérique Constant.

Eco-Drive Technology

Eco-Drive technology was a phenomenal invention that has changed how to power watches. This innovation eradicates the need for replacing batteries, thus making it ideal where batteries are unavailable. This technology created a shift in the use and availability of Citizen watches.

In 1976 Citizen came up with the world’s first light-powered watch. These watches can generate energy even in dim light. This technology has undergone considerable improvements, finally achieving the excellence we see today. Today, you can enjoy thinner, stylish, and even smaller light-powered watches.

Eco-Drive technology changes light into electrical energy, which is stored in lithium-ion power cells to ensure your watch keeps running.

This technology makes the watches convenient to the wearer since they will never have to change the battery. Even in dim light or absolute darkness, the watches can generate enough energy to function. 

The Eco-Drive watches can run for more than six months on a full charge. Some of the latest watches have additional features such as insufficient charge warning, power-saving function, and a light-level indicator that help to your watch to function better.

The recharge time varies with the specific model, with exposure to sunlight being the fastest and most efficient way to recharge your watch.

Are Citizen watches good? Think of a watch that you’ll never need to replace the battery; you only need to expose it to light to tap enough energy to keep it running. That’s what Eco-drive technology presents to you.

Citizen has earned a name among watch lovers because of their high-quality, durable, affordable, stylish, and innovative masterpieces.

Stringent quality control measures have also contributed to the prominence of this brand. Citizen produces watches you can use for more than 20 years. That’s why they’re comfortable giving you a five-year warranty. With high-quality meeting affordability, then you can agree that Citizen is an exceptional watch brand.