5 American Watch Brands

The American watch industry is not as familiar as European brands, especially Swiss watches. However, it dominated the global watch fraternity, before the European brands catapulted as the leader. The Waltham Watch Company, a prominent name in the history of American watchmaking, produced components indigenously and was flourishing by the end of 19th century. American watch companies continued their dominance for a while, though it started to decline by the second half of the 20th century. These brands were creative and came up with innovative technologies until the watch factories started manufacturing artillery shells and military equipment during World War II. Before we proceed with the 5 American watch brand, let us touch base with the history of American and European watch companies. 

-The European watch companies sourced hand-crafted pieces and assembled them together at their workshop.

-On the contrary, the Waltham Watch Company produced everything in-house.

-The American watch brands were not able to adapt the transition during the World War I.

-The Waterbury Clock Company, a renowned name in the US watch industry back then, was later renamed United States Time Corporation (AKA Timex).

Choosing the right American watch can be difficult and without the right information it can be even harder. Knowing a bit about what you need, what you want, and what you are willing to sacrifice can truly help make choosing the best watch far easier.

America’s downfall in the watchmaking, benefitted the Swiss watch brands who were relatively new. The European brands kept blooming and made a global impact by the end of the 20th century. However, the American watch companies are entering the watch landscape again and seem to leave a strong impression. Let us go through 5 American watch brands that look promising and have the calibre to capture the market.

1. Martenero

The New York Brand, Martenero was established recently in 2014 by an independent watch designed, John Tarantino. These watches are known for their modern design and versatile style. While the timepieces are designed, assembled and produced in New York, most of the parts such as the case, crystal, movement and dial, are imported from Asian countries, including Japan and China. Based on the principle, ‘Tradition Refreshed’, the wristwatches from the New York-based brand add modern aesthetics into age-old watchmaking tradition.


  • Established in 2014
  • Founded by John Tarantino
  • Modern Design
  • Timeless and Versatile Style
  • Designed and Assembled in New York
  • Wide Customization Options

2. Weiss Watch Company

The Weiss Watch Company The Weiss Watch Company from Los Angeles is a relatively new watch brand. It started in 2013 by Cameron Weiss with the “100 per cent made in the USA” mission. Weiss, a master watchmaker, is at the helm of the newly launched watch brand and is adept at manufacturing mechanical movements for the watch models within the US. Additionally, most of the parts used in the Weiss watches such as dial, cases, spring bar tools and packaging, are sourced from local vendors in the US.


  • Started in 2013
  • Founded by Cameron Weiss
  • Premium Quality Materials
  • “100% Made in the USA” Mission
  • Timeless Timepieces
  • Finest Materials

3. Autodromo

Autodromo watches are quite popular among car enthusiasts which reflects in its name. Autodromo’s watch collection is designed entirely by the in-house team. The motorsport-themed designs combine vintage looks with minimalist styling. In 2018, the American car giant, Ford commissioned Autodromo to design a wristwatch to sell along the Ford GT Supercar. One of its revered watch collections, Group B series, takes inspiration from the Group B rally cars from the mid-1980s. Featuring the quintessential titanium and steel cases with sharp angles, the timepieces get a protective Sapphire crystal for prevention from scratches.


  • Popular Motorsports-Themed Watches
  • European-Esque Styling
  • Dashboard Gauge Inspired Design
  • Retro-Styling
  • Affordable
  • Admired by Car Enthusiasts
Intereuropa manual wind - gray dial

4. Brew Watch Co.

The Brew Watch Co. names resonate with the brand’s inspiration from the coffee break, and the peace experienced when people unwind during the short breathers. The brand’s philosophy, ‘the break is less about the consumption of coffee and more about savouring-savouring that very moment in time’ is simple and relatable with most of the coffee admirers worldwide. A relatively new brand on the block, it debuted recently in 2015 with the first collection released in 2017.  However, it came into notice with the Retrograph collection, marked by a rectangular case featuring Seiko meca-quartz movement. It was assembled by the founder himself in a humble Brooklyn studio.


  • Started in 2015
  • Established by Jonathan Ferrer
  • First Collection Launched in 2017
  • Name Inspired by Espresso Machines
  • Distinctive Details
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship
Mastergraph - Steel

5. Detroit Watch Company

The Detroit Watch Company is another emerging American watch brand established in the last decade (2013) by husband-and-wife tandem. The wife, Amy, belonged to Detroit and hence, the brand’s every collection, features a particular aspect of the city. This watch really counts when it comes to getting the best out of your abilities, budget, and manufacturing partners. Watches produced by the brand are designed and hand-assembled in Detroit. Every timepiece is tested individually in-house for accuracy. These watches feature imported Swiss and Japanese mechanical movements.


  • Modern Styling
  • Established in 2013
  • Founded by Amy
  • Designed and Assembled in Detroit
  • Japanese and Swiss Movements
  • Accurate Timekeeping
39mm 1701 Pontchartrain® Black dial

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5 American Watch Brands

The American watch industry is not as familiar as European brands, especially Swiss watches. However, it dominated the global watch fraternity, before the European brands

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