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About Us


Court in the Act

Crow was developed in the strangest of circumstances – a divorce court in 2009! A best friend of Nikki's was in need of support from her and lived 600 miles away. With over 25 (yes they counted!) trials, hearings, fact findings, and other meetings, there were often two commonalities – celebration or commiseration over the wins or losses of the day AND a missed return flight home by Nikki!

Just Five More Minutes

At court, one is not allowed recording devices, cameras or phones – so they always left them in the car. The ensuing late afternoon or evening get-togethers were without those phones – their time piece of the day. The proximity of the airport to their place of sanctuary, led to cries of ‘just one more’ or ‘just 5 more minutes’. The Result: Nikki missed her flight – persistently.

The Hatching

It was decided to rectify this persistent tardiness - and develop a fun, fashionable and infinitely changeable timepiece that contrasted the tone and mood of the days spent in court, the drab interior of the court house and of course, more affordable than the court case itself. Watches would be the result and so was hatched the watches known as CROW Watches.

Leaving the Nest

Within three months of launching her very first watch, Nikki has launched over 40 watches, sold over 100,000 watches, and offers probably the best quality, designs and customer service in the business. Her watches have been seen in print nationwide, appeared on the Today Show, and have a strong celebrity following. Since then she has branched out –developing her own line of flip flops, purses, belts and apparel, and creating designs for other private label organizations.

And why the name CROW? The name of she and her friend's sanctuary, serving great food and better drinks. Cheers!

Goodbye Crow!

After almost 6 years of business, Crow Watches closed its doors in November, 2015. The brand had an amazing run and its founder moved in a new direction, a true lover of entrepreneurship. Thanks to all the fans and Crow Lovers for an amazing 6 years!!




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